Bump Proof Locks


It’s an old locksmith trick, but once the technique got out to the general public, ‘bumping’ or ‘rapping’ locks became a major security issue. If you’ve heard about bump keys, it’s probably in the context of just how easily and quickly they can open locks. Any crook can buy a bump key on the internet and take five minutes to learn how to use it. With the right type of force, a lock can be bumped in 10 seconds or less. And most houses in New Orleans use locks that can be bumped. Knowing that your lock is a $10 key and a few seconds from being opened is enough to make anyone nervous.

You can fight back by installing a bump proof lock. Bump proof locks are specially designed to resist bump keys, and they come in a wide variety of makers, price points, and styles, ranging from bump key resistant to truly bump key proof. Our highly certified locksmiths can give you more information about each type of lock and its effectiveness. Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans can also sometimes perform a type of rekey that will make your current lock more resistant to bumping, which is an affordable alternative to a full lock change.

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