Car Lockouts


Jennifer B. of New Orleans had set her purse down on the passenger seat to move the baby from car seat to stroller. Her partner, intending to be helpful, closed the locked door without realizing that her keys were inside.

Not to worry; she called Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans and got a quote and a time estimate that gave her just enough time to run the errand she’d set out to do. A uniformed Pop-A-Lock car locksmith showed up right on time and used proprietary tools to open Jennifer’s Toyota Yaris in just a few minutes. The final bill was exactly what she had been quoted.

Car lockouts happen all the time. You can either deal with them the hard way — with dealers that will tow your car back to the dealership and charge you for the tow — or the easy way with Pop-A-Lock’s 24/7 roadside lockout assistance. Wherever you are in New Orleans, we can open your door and even replace your lost car keys.

Did you know that Pop-A-Lock developed and uses its own special tools to open different models and makes? We weren’t happy with the performance of the Slim Jims other auto locksmiths use, so we designed our own tools that will pop your lock fast without damaging the lock, seals, or paint job. That’s a lot more than can be said for a coat hanger!

Calling Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans saves you time, money, and potential damage to your car. Your insurance policy may even cover our car lockout services. Getting locked out of the car shouldn’t ruin your whole day. Get a free quote now at (504) 588-2192 and get on with your life!

Call Pop-A-Lock Locksmith New Orleans Louisiana if you want the best prices in town!