PAL Saves Kids

Emergency Door Unlock (EDU)


All it takes to accidentally lock a child in the car is one second of inattention, a gust of wind, or a small miscommunication between busy parents. That quiet, ordinary click as the car door shuts suddenly becomes one of the worst sounds a parent could hear. What do you do when there’s a baby inside and no way to open the door?

It’s a scary situation, but you don’t have to face it alone. If you are in an emergency lockout situation in which someone’s life could be in danger, Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans can get you out of it. It’s a free 24 hour service we offer through our EDU (Emergency Door Unlock) Program.

Call 911 now to have an emergency locksmith dispatched. You can also reach us directly, 24/7, at (504) 588-2192. Either way, an certified locksmith will be on his way within minutes. On hot summer days, the temperature inside your car can skyrocket, so we prioritize emergency lockout situations over all other jobs — even the ones we’re currently in the middle of! Over the years that Pop-A-Lock has been in New Orleans, we’ve performed thousands of free emergency door unlocks through the EDU Program. It’s our way of serving the community we live and work in.

When you’re in an emergency lockout situation, you need 24/7 availability, fast response times, and an experienced locksmith who can pop that lock in a hurry. We’re Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans, and you can count on us to be there when you most need us.