Key-less Entry Remote for Cars


Remote keys, which became widespread in the late 80s and early 90s, allow you to lock or unlock your car doors remotely through a radio chip located in the key fob. You might not have thought twice about your key fob until you lost or broke it and called your dealer to see how much a replacement would cost. The unwelcome answer: a lot.

Don’t resign yourself to living without your handy key-less remote! Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans offers 24/7 roadside key fob replacement services without the wait or markup. We can not only cut you a mechanical key on the spot, but also provide a new key-less entry remote and program it to your car. Depending on your model and make, programming a new key-less remote can require expensive, specialized equipment and a high degree of technical knowledge. Pop-A-Lock has invested in both the equipment and training to make us an affordable and reliable alternative to the dealer.

Using Pop-A-Lock to replace your lost key fob will save yourself a bundle of time and money. Call us at (504) 588-2192 for a free, accurate quote today.

Call Pop-A-Lock Locksmith New Orleans Louisiana if you want the best prices in town!