Re-key, Change and Fix Locks


There are many reasons why you would want to make sure old keys no longer work in your home’s best defense: its locks. From new homeowners to recent divorces, Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans gets calls from a wide variety of people who, for whatever reason, feel that the security of their locks is compromised.

Fortunately, a lock re-key is a simple, straightforward, and inexpensive service. All we do is change the tumblers inside your existing lock so that an old key will no longer turn it. Because there’s no new hardware involved and it only takes minutes for an experienced locksmith to do, a lock re-key is affordable and adequate for most people’s needs. If you’re worried about the security of your home, Pop-A-Lock can have your lock re-keyed within an hour — or less — of your call.

Changing locks is a little different. When Pop-A-Lock changes a lock, we completely remove your current lock and install a new one — usually a higher security lock or one with a different lock mechanism, like a bump proof lock. Although we try our best to fix broken locks, some of them will need to be replaced.

Would you feel safer if your lock were re-keyed or changed? Call Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans at (504) 588-2192 to get a free quote for the service you need.

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