Transponders and Transponder Chips


When Chris L. of New Orleans misplaced his regular car key, he pulled out a spare that he had cut at the hardware store but never tried using. To his surprise, his Honda Accord refused to start when he put the spare in the ignition. As it turns out, his original key was a transponder key with a special chip inside the head that sent a signal to the ignition. Without the correct signal, the car wouldn’t start. His mechanical copy of the key was as good as useless.

Chris tried calling the dealer, only to be given a sky high quote and a long waiting time. Then he called Pop-A-Lock. We gave him an upfront quote for replacing his transponder and an accurate arrival time. Twenty minutes later, a Pop-A-Lock locksmith pulled up in a marked car and got to work. A few minutes later, Chris had a brand new, fully functional chip key.

Transponders deter thieves, but they shouldn’t deter owners. Replace your transponder the easy and affordable way by calling us. Whether you need to replace, duplicate, or reprogram a transponder chip key, Pop-A-Lock of New Orleans can do it for less. Give us a call 24/7 at (504) 588-2192 for a free quote! Our highly experienced auto locksmiths are standing by to help.

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